St. Thomas, ON

The 39 solar panels look great on this country estate near St. Thomas, Ontario. This 10kW system is the largest available under the Ontario Government microFIT program. This property owner can now produce clean solar energy and sell it back to the grid at an attractive rate for the next 20 years. The system will produce a solid return on investment, backed by a Government contract.

Solar Panels, St. Thomas Ontario

St. George, ON

This new build is in St. George, Ontario (between Cambridge and Brantford). The 10 kW solar array was installed by The Hayter Group. To read more about this installation, click here.

St. George Ontario Solar Panels

Ilderton, ON

This split level home is located in Ilderton, Ontario (just north of London). The 10 kW solar array was installed by The Hayter Group. To read more about this installation, click here.

Solar Panels, Ilderton Ontario

Brantford, ON

This job in Brantford, ON features 36 high efficiency panels with black frames to maximize power production while maintaining the aesthetics of the front of the home. To read more about this installation, click here.

Solar Panel Installation, Brantford Ontario

Alvinston, ON

The Broadway Solar Park is a 50kW project located in Alvinston, Ontario. The Hayter Group completed this installation in 2010 and it has been producing green energy since then.

Click here for more photos and information about this ground-mount installation.

Broadway Solar Park

Orillia, ON

Ace Storage in Orillia, Ontario obtained approval for a 393 kW rooftop project, which was completed by The Hayter Group. You can read more about this project and see more photos by clicking here.

Solar Panels, Ace Storage, Orillia, Ontario

Windham Centre, ON

This job in Windham Centre (near Simcoe, Ontario) features 40 black Hanwha Panels with SolarEdge optimizer and inverters. The black panels allow the home to generate clean energy and income without affecting the aesthetics of the front of the home.

Black Solar Panels

Ingersoll, ON

This installation by The Hayter Group in Ingersoll, Ontario will be generating a steady flow of income for the homeowner over the next 20 years, guaranteed by a Government Contract.

This is a 10kW system that features 40 Hanwha Panels along with SolarEdge optimizer and inverters. Notice how we were able to use two different reliefs on the roof. We are also able to work around obstructions such as plumbing vents.

Solar Panels - Ingersoll, ON

Sheffield, ON

The Hayter Group built customized racking to install solar panels on this steel drive shed. The panels had to follow the contour of the building. This farm is located near Sheffield, Ontario (between Cambridge and Rockton).


Steel Drive Shed with Solar Panels

Flamborough, ON

This 10 kW microFIT installation in Flamborough features 40 Hanwha panels and SolarEdge inverters. The panels are positioned on the roof to allow the owner to expand the system in the future and cover the entire roof for the commercial FIT program or net-metering.

The commercial FIT program is for business buildings with larger arrays. We expect this program to begin taking new applications in the near future.

Net-metering is simply connecting a project to the grid to sell power at the “market rate” rather than at the FIT or microFIT rate. With hydro prices increasing steadily over the next 30 years it is starting to make sense to install solar just to offset your own consumption without requiring a premium to be paid for the power.


Flamborough Expandable Solar Panel Installation

Norfolk County

This 10 kW solar panel array in Norfolk County features Hanwha panels and SolarEdge optimizers and inverters allowing every panel on the system to be individually monitored to maximize system performance, and income, over the 20 year government contract.

The Hayter Group evaluated this property in advance and helped the homeowners with all the paperwork. They’ll be receiving a cheque from their local utility every month, for the power that they produce.



Norfolk County Solar Job

Paris, ON

We installed 33 black Hanwha solar panels at this home in Paris, Ontario. The system also features SolarEdge optimizers and inverters.

The black panels worked better with the home’s aesthetics. Every Hayter installation is customized to suit the property and the available roof space.

Solar Panel Installation, Paris, ON

Brant County

This 10 kW job in Brant County features custom racking to raise and angle the panels in correct orientation to maximize production over the life of the system. The Hayter Group can develop engineered solutions for any situation.


Brantford, ON

This is a 10 kW system installed by The Hayter Group in Brantford, ON. The panels use black frames instead of silver, which blends into the roof better.


Solar Panels, Black Frames

Conestogo, ON

This 10 kW job consists of 40 x 250 W Hanwha panels with SolarEdge Optimizers and Inverters. The panels feature black frames over traditional silver frames, which allows them to blend into the roof better.

This job had a unique meter base enclosure that we needed to remove to house the solar meter while maintaining the aesthetics of the side of the home.

Original Meter Enclosure

Original Meter Enclosure

Inverters and Meters

Solar Inverters and New Meters Installed

Street View

Back of Home

Cambridge, ON

This 10kW installation is just outside of Cambridge Ontario, featuring all-black solar panels and inverters from SolarEdge. This system has a 20 year contract and produces approximately $6,500 per year in income. We estimate this installation will produce $125,000 in income for the property owners over the life of their contract.

The black panels maintain the aesthetics of this beautiful property. The panels are barely noticeable on the barn roof in the right-hand photo.

The house is heated and cooled by the most energy-efficient geothermal system ever made – The Series 7 WaterFurnace, installed by The Hayter Group.

To see more information on the geothermal installation, click here.


Panasonic Black Solar PanelsBlack Solar Panels on Barn Roof

Solar Installation, Cambridge Ontario