Solar Job, Ilderton, Ontario

Solar Panel Installation, Ilderton Ontario

This split level home is located in Ilderton, Ontario (just north of London). The 10 kW solar array was installed by The Hayter Group.

Every solar panel installation is different. A split level home has more than one relief to install the panels. Older homes with mature trees create another challenge. This installation features power optimizers on each panel to mitigate effects of partial shading on the array.

The passing of the Ontario Green Energy Act and introduction of the FIT (feed-in-tariff) and microFIT program allows Ontario residents to produce their own solar energy and sell it back to the grid at rates designed to cover capital costs and provide a strong rate of return. Under the microFIT program, solar projects under 10kW (approx. 40 panels) are paid a guaranteed rate for all energy produced over a 20-year term.

The homeowner in Ilderton has made a sound government-backed investment. They are also producing clean energy that will reduce their carbon footprint.

Government backed contracts to purchase solar power from homeowners are available in most Ontario cities and towns. Contact The Hayter Group today for a free assessement of your property.

The Hayter Group will assist you in obtaining a microFIT contract and with financing of your solar project.