Heat Pumps & Ductless Splits

A heat pump can do two things and employs the same basic principles for both. The system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, with two small refrigerant pipes connecting them. Working like an air conditioner on warm days, the pump will extract heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoors. Some heat pumps can also be used on cold days. The pump will extract heat from the outside air and transfers it inside. In heating mode, a heat pump may be thought of as an air conditioner equipped with a reverse mode.

Heat pumps are often referred to as ductless splits. They are often used only for air conditioning in homes with boilers and radiators. Typically these homes do not have duct work. The ‘head’ from the heat pump is generally wall mounted at the ceiling.

Heat pumps can be used to supplement or completely replace your heating system. Heat pumps use electricity and are very energy efficient. Even with high electrical rates, heat pumps cost less to operate than gas furnaces.

Mitsubishi Heat Pumps, Ductless Splits

Homes heated with hot water radiators, electric baseboards or radiant floor systems often do not have ductwork. To cool these spaces, a ductless split is often the answer. This units deliver the cooling from the ceiling, which is ideal, because cool air drops.

Two story homes with a forced air system installed can also utilize a ductless split. Often the system cannot maintain comfortable temperatures on the second floor. Even if your system can cool the upstairs, the rest of the house ends up too cold. A ductless split is a perfect compliment to your forced air system. It will keep your second floor comfortable and significantly lessen the load on your central air system. In the winter, ductless splits can also have a heat pump feature, where the cycle is reversed and heat is pulled from the outdoor air. This will reduce your fuel costs in the winter time.

Zuba Central Heat Pump

Energy-efficient. Easy to install. Extremely quiet. Zuba-Central is simply the new and better way to heat and cool your home or small business. Zuba-Central is a Heat Pump which provides heating and cooling to your home through ductwork. It is ranked among the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways to keep your home comfortable.

Napoleon Heat Pumps + Ductless Splits

No ductwork? No problem. Napoleon’s Ductless Heat Pumps offer high-efficiency comfort in a versatile package. When you don’t have ducting, you can still enjoy whole-home comfort with Napoleon’s ductless heat pumps. The perfect solution to heat and cool your home where installing ductwork is unfeasible.

Napoleon central heat pumps offer significant advantages and cost savings when heating and cooling your home. A central heat pump can be paired with your existing furnace system to reduce energy consumption and costs.