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Napoleon Central Heat Pumps

Napoleon central heat pumps are an energy-efficient alternative to an air conditioner. Napoleon Central Heat Pumps  offer significant advantages and cost savings heating and cooling your home.

Central Heap Pumps are an ideal energy efficient solution in milder climates like we have in South-Western Ontario. Central Heat Pumps can be paired with your existing gas furnace. Your heat pump will operate in milder temperatures and your gas furnace will be there for the coldest nights.

Napoleon NS18 Central Heat Pump

The Napoleon NS18 Series Heat Pump is a great choice for energy efficient home heating and cooling. The outdoor, low profile, side condensing units can be installed almost anywhere, including narrow spaces. A two-stage enhanced vapor injection compressor offers a wider range of temperature management, comfortably heating your home at colder temperatures and providing cooling during warmer temperatures.

Napoleon Heat Pumps help to reduce your carbon footprint for a cleaner future. When paired with a furnace or air handler, the combined unit will function as a hybrid heat system resulting in energy cost savings.

Napoleon Ductless Heat Pumps

No ductwork? No problem. Napoleon’s Ductless Heat Pumps offer high-efficiency comfort. When you don’t have ducting, you can still enjoy whole-home comfort with Napoleon’s ductless heat pumps.

The perfect solution to heat and cool your home where installing or extending ductwork is unfeasible. Home’s heated by a boiler with radiators or in-floor heating are ideal candidates for a ductless system.

Napoleon Ductless Heat Pumps

Napoleon Ductless Heat Pumps are the perfect solution for any home without ducting. The white, indoor wall mount blends into most rooms. Energy Star rated, Napoleon Heat Pumps are extremely efficient units that provides heating and cooling throughout the season.

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