Carbon Pricing is Constitutional

Gas Pump | Carbon Tax

Filling Up is going to be More Expensive

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the carbon pricing law is constitutional. The ruling states that because climate change causes harm beyond provincial boundaries, it is a matter of national concern.

The ruling states that additional fees for fuel are valid regulatory charges and not taxes.

With the ruling it is expected that the federal government will proceed with plans to increase carbon prices. The fuel charge paid by consumers will go from $40 per tonne to $50 per tonne next year. It will rise by $15 annually until it reaches $170 per tonne in 2030. That translates to 37.57¢ per litre for gasoline.

Home Heating Costs Will Increase

Gas Meter

Carbon pricing will be applied to natural gas, propane and home heating oil. That translates to higher heating costs for most home owners.

Natural Gas

If you heat with natural gas, you are currently paying 7.83¢ per cubic metre in carbon tax. By 2030, that will increase to 23.5 ¢ per cubic metre!

Natural Gas currently costs 5.4¢ for the actual commodity, The carbon tax is currently 145% of the commodity price.  By 2030, if gas prices remain at their current level, that tax will be 435% of the actual commodity!


The carbon tax on propane is currently 6.19¢ per litre. By 2030 that will become 18.58¢ per litre!

Heating Oil

Heating Oil is currenlty taxed at 10.73¢ per litre. That will increase to 32.18¢ per litre by 2030.

What Can Homeowners Do?

It’s more important than ever to get your equipment serviced every year and make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency.
When the time comes to replace your equipment, go for the the most efficient  models that you can afford. Take a look at geothermal heating and cooling. It’s the most energy efficient home comfort equipment of all choices. Geothermal heat pumps do not use any fossil fuels.
Whole home air source heat pumps also use no fossil fuels. The Hayter Group sells the Zuba Central system which can use your existing duct work.
For supplemental heating and cooling, more people are turning to mini-splits. They are perfect for workshops or hard to cool second floor rooms. They can also supply heat, which will reduce the amount of natural gas you’ll need to heat your home.


The Hayter Group can arrange low monthly payments for new energy efficient equipment that will pay for itself. Every year you savings on energy costs increases, while your monthly payment stays the same!


Carbon pricing will have an increasing impact on your bottom line. Call The Hayter Group today for a free assessment on heating your shop or barns. An investment in energy efficient equipment today will keep your competitive over the long haul.

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