Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate

Enbridge Home Energy Rebate

Natural Gas Furnaces - $250 Rebate*

Natural Gas Boilers - $1,000 Rebate*

Natural Water Heaters - $400 Rebate*


Note: You must be an Enbridge Gas* customer who heats your home with a natural gas furnace or boiler. Limited-time offers while funds last. Enbridge Gas Inc. reserves the right to cancel offers at any time.

*Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas have merged into one company, Enbridge Gas Inc.

Contact us today! The Hayter Group will help assess your home comfort needs and explain how the program works.

Five Steps to Get Your Rebate:

1 - Schedule a home energy assessment

Before starting any work, you must first complete a home energy assessment with a registered energy advisor.

2 - Your advisor will test your home and will give you a report with recommended upgrades.

Recommended upgrades are intended to help lower your natural gas bill and make your home comfortable.

3 - Complete at least two recommended upgrades*.

For each additional upgrade you install, you’ll get additional bonus incentives up to $750.

*To qualify for the furnace rebate, you must complete three upgrades.

4 - Schedule a follow-up assessment.

You must complete a final home energy assessment to qualify for rebates. The follow-up visit takes about one hour and must take place within 120 days of your first visit.

5 - Your Rebate cheque comes within 12 weeks.

Rebate cheques include a $600 reimbursement for your energy assessment.