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Because a home is air tight, the air is carrying moisture and pollutants that result from daily activities. Installing an air exchanger removes the stale air from the house to the outside and replaces it with fresh air.

Vigör Series – Vigör HRV Plus

The Vigör HRV Plus is a heat recovery ventilator that is the ideal choice for condominiums, apartments and other limited space applications that require up to 70 CFM of continuous ventilation. Even with just one blower, it is quieter than any other similar HRV on the market while being economical and light.

With its compact size and 4-inch vertical or horizontal ports, the Vigör HRV can be installed in small spaces such as a closet or mechanical room above a hot water tank.

The Vigör HRV Plus is ENERGY STAR certified.

Vigor HRV

Gold Series – 1001 HRV

The 1001 HRV is a heat recovery ventilator designed for mid-size homes. It has a rate of air exchange up to 146 CFM, and offers homeowners power, reliability and very quiet operation.

Gold Series – 1001 ERV

The 1001 ERV is an energy recovery ventilator designed for year-round ventilation in mid-size homes, that allows a reduction of air conditioning loads in summer and heating requirements in winter. With its rate of exchange air up to 123 CFM, it offers homeowners the best in energy recovery ventilation and moisture recovery efficiency, reliability and very quiet operation.

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vanEE 1001 HRV