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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

A heat pump provides two services and employs the same basic principles for both. The system consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, with two small refrigerant pipes connecting between. Working like an air conditioner on warm days, the pump will extract heat from inside the home and transfer it outdoors. Conversely, on cold days the pump will flow heat energy into the home from the outside.

Unlike water which has a boiling point of 100°C, the liquid refrigerant in a heat pump has a much lower boiling point, even lower than the cold outdoor air. This is why in heating mode, the refrigerant can still evaporate in the outdoor coil at low temperatures and draw heat from surrounding air, making the seemingly impossible heating with cold air possible. The now-heated gas refrigerant flows into the indoor coil and extracts the heat into the indoor air. Despite frigid temperatures the air will contain enough energy to heat the home, even at -30°C.

Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit delivers cool air from ceiling

Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Unit, sleek and quiet

Why Not Use a Window Unit?

  • They’re an invitation for burglars when you’re away from home.
  • Your view of the outdoors and incoming light is blocked.
  • Old window units are ugly, sweaty and add no value to your home.
  • The noise levels of the window unit at night can make a sleeping a challenge.
  • Window units need to be installed every summer and stored every winter.
  • Window units only cool, whereas Mitsubishi offers both cooling-only and heat pump models.
Window Shaker

Multi-Head Systems

The Mitsubishi Electric multi-split system could be the best solution for balancing the use of available space. The innovative design of the system lets you mix and match several indoor units to fit the layout of the home. If you ever need to add additional units, they’re easy to install and add to your existing system.

Multi-zone technology allows everyone to enjoy their own preferred level of comfort regardless of where they may be in the home. Due to the fact that each zone operates on its own, someone in the master bedroom, living room or even kitchen can set the temperature to what best suits them.

Multi-Head System

Remote Control

The easy-to-use Wireless Remote Control lets you adjust fan speed & output modes – from anywhere in the room. Mitsubishi’s Fuzzy Logic “I Feel” system adjusts conditions to suit you. By tapping the Too Cold or Too Warm button on the remote, the optimum temperature is set and memorized, recalling it whenever you turn on the air conditioner.

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Remote Control