Broadway Solar Park, Alvinston, Ontario

The Broadway Solar Park is a 50kW project located in Alvinston, Ontario. Alvinston is just west of London, Ontario, close to Strathroy, Ontario. This solar panel array is five times the size of a residential roof-top system.

The Hayter Group completed this installation in 2010 and it has been producing green energy since then. The solar panels are mounted south-facing at a fixed angle on concrete footings. The system is completely maintenance free. Even in the winter time, the snow just slides off the panels.

Solar Park Installation, The Hayter Group

This solar park belongs to a private land owner, who contracted with the Ontario Government through the FIT (Feed-in-Tariff) program. The owner is paid for the power produced at guaranteed rates for the next 20 years. This is a solid business investment with a predictable revenue stream. As long as the sun is shining, this solar panel array will be producing clean power and revenue for the owner.

Solar Park, Wide-Angle View

Solar Panels produce most of their electricity during sunny days in the summer time. This is the same time that power utilities experience peak demand from air conditioning. Solar power is used locally and it is produced without emissions. Increasing power production at hydro plants requires more transmission lines. Solar power lowers the demands on utilities to expand their infrastructure.

The Ontario Power Authority has targeted to bring another 200kW of solar energy projects on stream in 2015. That’s enough solar electricity to power 28,000 homes. The Hayter Group welcomes enquires from businesses and home owners that wish to take advantage of this opportunity. You can be green and make a solid investment at the same time.

Ground-mount solar panel arrays are usually found in rural areas. The government is currently seeking more urban projects, where demand for electricity is higher. The majority of urban projects are roof-mount systems.

The Hayter Group has the experience to deal with the government approvals and bring installations on stream successfully. We’ve completed all types of solar projects already including: ground-mount, roof-mount, commercial and residential. If you are wondering about solar for your property, start with a no-cost site assessment from The Hayter Group.

Solar Park from Behind