Solar Panels, St. George, ON

This new build is in St. George, Ontario (between Cambridge and Brantford). The 10 kW solar array was installed by The Hayter Group.

This homeowner will enjoy 20 years of guaranteed revenue from their solar panels. It’s a great way to help pay for a new home.

Solar panels can be worked into the financing of a new property. Banks look favorably at solar panel financing, because they are backed by guaranteed government contracts.

This home features an unusual roof line. The roof also has skylights. The Hayter Group was able to custom design the solar panel array to fit the configuration of the roof.

The passing of the Ontario Green Energy Act and introduction of the FIT (feed-in-tariff) and microFIT program allows Ontario residents to produce their own solar energy and sell it back to the grid at rates designed to cover capital costs and provide a strong rate of return. Under the microFIT program, solar projects under 10kW (approx. 40 panels) are paid a guaranteed rate for all energy produced over a 20-year term.

Contact The Hayter Group when you draw up plans for your new home. It’s the best time to ensure that your roof is large enough and oriented properly to maximize its’ solar potential. Recent studies have shown that home resale values are higher when the house has revenue producing solar panels installed.