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The Hayter Group is the leader across South Western Ontario in renewable energy and green alternative solutions. It’s why we have been chosen consistently by homeowners who are looking to use solar as a way to initiate a sound investment strategy, while reducing their ecological footprint.

We have worked with businesses, as well as everyday people like you, to help them turn their homes, farms and businesses into revenue generating micro solar farms that sell power to the grid.

The Hayter Group works with Hanwha, CanadianSolar & SolarEdge, some of the world’s leaders in solar, so we can provide our customers with the best possible products and solutions for their investment and environmental needs.

Net Metering

Net Metering is the most common way that homeowners and businesses can start producing their own clean renewable energy.

With a net metering systems, you install solar panels to produce electricity for your own use. There are many days in the summer months where your system will produce more electricity than you can consume. The excess energy is fed back to the grid and you accumulate credits. You can use these credits to offset the power you need to buy on cloudy days or during the winter months.

If you look at the cost of installing solar panels spread over 25 years, you can produce your own electricity for as low as 12¢ kWh. That’s less than many customers are paying today when you factor in peak hour rates and the extra grid charges. We also know that the cost of hydro continues to escalate every year. Once you invest in your solar array, your power will stay at the same cost for the life of the system (30 years or more).

Is Net Metering right for you? Call the Hayter Group today. We’ll visit your property for a free assessment. We’ll make sure that you have a place on your property suitable for a solar array. We’ll make sure you can get a grid connection*. We fill out all the paperwork for you. Once we get all the necessary approvals, we provide a turn-key solution for you.

* Not all rural properties can get a grid connection, your area may have all the green energy connections that the local grid can handle. In most urban areas, it’s not a problem.

The video below from Hydro One does a good job of explaining the grid and how they determine if you can get a grid connection:

Power Failures

Many people see solar panels on a roof and think they are there to provide protection from power failures. While this is possible, it is still very costly. The vast majority of systems you see do not have batteries for back-up power.

Batteries store power which can be used during power interruptions. The Hayter Group uses inverters by SolarEdge which can accommodate batteries. Down the road as technologies improve and battery prices drop, you can add batteries for back-up power to a system that you buy today.

You can read about a battery back-up installation here.

We advise customers to take advantage of net-metering systems currently being offered and keep the flexibility to change your system in the future. When it makes economic sense to add battery back-up capability, your system will accommodate it.


Off-Grid solar installations are completely separate from the hydro grid. Power produced by solar panels is stored in batteries for use at night or on cloudy days. Off-Grid installations do not make economic sense in South-Western Ontario. Batteries are very expensive and we do not get enough sun in the winter to power a home. Typically an off-grid installation will require a fossil fuel generator to give you enough power in the winter months.

We have a very extensive power grid in South-Western Ontario. There is no economic or environmental reason for taking a home off-grid. For this reason, we do not carry off-grid equipment and we do not offer off-grid installations.

If you are considering an off-grid solar installation, please give us a call. We believe the best route is to start with a grid-tie system. In the future, add batteries for back-up power or to go completely off-grid.

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