Solar Products

Solar Panels

The Hayter Group uses two solar panel manufacturers for our installations. We recommend panels built by Hanwha and CanadianSolar. Currently we believe Hanwha and CanadianSolar offer consumers the best overall value and quality in Solar Panels.

Solar panels will last over 25 years. The warranties from the manufacturers all reflect this long life. Both companies are large diversified multi-national companies. A warranty is not worth the paper it is written on if the manufacturer is no longer in business. These suppliers also offer consumers ‘bankability’. This is important if you plan on financing your solar project. Banks prefer to finance systems with name brand components and rock solid warranties.

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Solar Inverters

Solar Panels are the workhorses of your solar power system. Solar Inverters are the brains. Inverters are required to convert the DC (Direct Current) power from your panels to AC (Alternating Current) before feeding it back into the hydro grid.

Solar Inverters for your system are typically installed outdoors near your hydro meter, they can also be installed indoors.

The Hayter Group offers inverters from four different manufacturers. The Power-One Aurora Inverter is part of our basic offering. Monitoring of the system is optional. It makes for a good basic system, but trouble shooting can be a little more involved.

The Fronius inverters do a nice job of balancing up-front investment with good performance.

The system from SolarEdge is a little more sophisticated. Individual optimizers are installed on each panel. Your system can be monitored by you and us at the same time. Monitoring includes the performance of each individual panel. You can monitor the system with your home computer or a smart phone.

Enpase also supplies premium microinverters that can be monitored using the Enphase Envoy.

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