Solar Incentive

Solar - $7,500 in Grants + Rebates

Start Producing Your Own Electricity

A new solar array will produce green energy for the next 25 plus years. You can produce your own power for about the same cost as you pay today. The advantage is that your rates won’t increase over time.

* To help you get started with your new green energy project, The Hayter Group is offering $2,500 off on a 10kW solar array.  That’s in addition to the grant up to $5,000 available through the Canada Greener Homes program. A 10kW solar array is large enough for most home owners to produce as much electricity as they consume.

Why Invest in Solar?

*For Solar Grants + Rebates up to $7,500 - Call Us and Talk to Brandon

Learn About the Canada Greener Homes Program: