Preventative Maintenance

Breakdowns never occur when you have time and plenty of cash on hand to pay for them.

Studies show that over 70% of repairs to heating and cooling systems could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

You get the oil changed, tires rotated, and check ups done on your vehicle so why not keep you oil, natural gas, propane or geothermal system operating at peak efficiency and in tip top shape?

Hayter Van

Furnace/Boiler Checklist

  1. Check thermostat
  2. Ensure system operates in heat and cool mode
  3. Lubricate fan motor, bearings and pump
  4. Check pulley & belt condition
  5. Test ventor motor condition
  6. Check ECM fan setting
  7. Check gas pressure
  8. Check remote flame sensor
  9. Clean burners and check flame
  10. Inspect heat exchanger
  11. Inspect secondary heat exchanger
  12. Check voltage
  13. Check and clean pressure switches
  14. Check CO levels
  15. Check electronic ignition system
  16. Clean pilot asssembly and ignition
  17. Check venting system and controls
  18. Inspect gas piping near system
  19. Check filter condition
  20. Check condensate pump
  21. Check that condensate drain is clear
  22. Check UV light
  23. Check that unit is labelled properly
  24. Check operation against manufacturers specs.
  25. Wipe down unit inside and out
  26. Check that area around furnace is clean
  27. Check ductwork
  28. Check for necessary CO detectors
  29. Advise customer on ways to improve energy consumption, safety and enhance comfort

Air Conditioner Checklist

  1. Check thermostat
  2. Check that unit operates vibration free
  3. Inspect humidifier damper position
  4. Check metering device or TX valve condition
  5. Inspect evaporator coil condition
  6. Check condensate pump operation
  7. Check drain condition and clean
  8. Check secondary pan sensor
  9. Check filter condition
  10. Check for oil and refrigerant leaks
  11. Clean condensor
  12. Remove debris
  13. Check low and high voltage connections
  14. Check operation of defrost board
  15. Check relay
  16. Check contactor
  17. Check belt tension and pulley condition
  18. Test blower operation – motor amps and bearings
  19. Inspect filter system
  20. Inspect condenser fan blades
  21. Check capacitor
  22. Inspect condenser coil and cleanliness
  23. Check and record refrigerant level
  24. Check and record electrical loads plate
  25. Soap test schrader valves
  26. Check ductwork

Heat Recovery Ventilator Checklist

  1. Check that unit operates vibration free
  2. Check wire connections
  3. Check insulated flex line for openings
  4. Clean outdoor openings
  5. Test main controller
  6. Test all timer controls
  7. Check defrost damper operation
  8. Check duct system
  9. Clean and check drain and drain line
  10. Vacuum /wash pre filter
  11. Vacuum inner core
  12. Wipe down outside of unit
  13. Check motor amp draw and operation
  14. Verify customer knows proper operation of unit

Geothermal Checklist

  1. Check reverse heat/cool operation
  2. Check thermostat
  3. Check for vibration and check sound levels
  4. Test blower assembly
  5. Inspect air coil
  6. Check for signs of leakage
  7. Clean inside of control area
  8. Inspect air filter
  9. Test desuperheater pump
  10. Inspect coaxial heat exchanger
  11. Clean drain
  12. Tablet installed in condensate pan
  13. Inspect and tighten electrical connections
  14. Entering/leaving air temperature
  15. Entering/leaving water temperature
  16. Entering/leaving water pressure
  17. Amp draw
  18. Voltage
  19. Loop pump amps
  20. Fan pumps
  21. Auxiliary heat amps
  22. Auxiliary heat volts
  23. Check ductwork
  24. Advise customer on ways to reduce energy consumption and enhance home comfort

Fireplace Checklist

  1. Check fireplace operation and flame
  2. Check gas pressure
  3. Check thermostat
  4. Inspect gas piping
  5. Test blower operations
  6. Check venting system and controls
  7. Check pilot burner
  8. Check pilot safety operations
  9. Check burners
  10. Check electronic ignition system
  11. Check combustion and ventilation air openings
  12. Test and clean only – clean glass and gasket
  13. Test and clean only – vacuum blower and manifold area
  14. Check gaskets
  15. Check wiring
  16. Test area around fireplace for CO
  17. Check for CO detectors

Other Maintenance and Repair Services

Solar – Install and Repair
All types of plumbing issues
Water well pressure systems
Water conditioning systems
Tankless and heat pump water heaters
Radiant floor heating
Radiant tube heating
Mini-split air conditioners
Roof top units

It Doesn’t Matter Who Made Your Equipment, The Hayter Group will Service It

  • Airease
  • Bryant
  • Dettson
  • Gibson
  • Lennox
  • Rheem
  • Trane
  • Brock
  • Clare
  • Burnham
  • Bard
  • GeoComfort
  • Hydron
  • Polar Bear
  • Water Furnace
  • Amana
  • Carrier
  • Ducane
  • Goodman
  • Luxaire
  • Rudd
  • Westinghouse
  • Newmac
  • Weatherking
  • Bosch
  • Geoflex
  • Hydro-Temp
  • Roth
  • Enertran
  • American Standard
  • Coleman
  • Enerplus
  • Heil
  • Napoleon
  • Tappan
  • York
  • Olsen
  • SmartAir
  • TriangleTube
  • ClimateMaster
  • Geosmart
  • NextEnergy
  • Tetco
  • Armstrong Air
  • Comfortmaker
  • Fraser-Johnston
  • KeepRite
  • Payne
  • Tempstar
  • Kerr
  • Weil-McLain
  • Lincoln
  • Florida Heat Pump
  • Geostar
  • Nordic
  • Marathon
  • Command-Aire
  • GFM

Maintenance Packages

Residential Preventative Maintenance Regular Pricing Pre-Paid Pricing*
Gas/Propane Furnace or Boiler $139.00 $109.00
Oil Furnace or Boiler $179.00 $159.00
Air Conditioner $139.00 $109.00
Fireplace $125.00 $99.00
Humidifier $45.00 $39.00*
HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) $69.00 $59.00*
AC only Mini Splits** $165.00 $139.00
Heat + Cool Mini Splits** $190.00 $165.00
Forced Air Geothermal $165.00 $139.00
Water to Water Geothermal $139.00 $119.00
Commercial Preventative Maintenance Regular Pricing Pre-Paid Pricing*
Gas/Propane Furnace or Boiler $165.00 $120.00
Air Conditioner $179.00 $125.00
Geothermal $179.00 $125.00

*You can save every year by pre-paying your annual maintenance. It’s also a great way to remember to service your equipment. You’ll keep your system running efficiently and also keep your equipment warranty valid, by performing an annual preventative maintenance check.

*Hayter Group pre-paid customers get priority service. You also receive 15% off any repairs to your equipment. If you require after hours emergency service, there is no additional charge.

*The pricing for HRV and Humidifier service is add-on pricing. We must be there to service another piece of equipment or a service call charge is required.

**Extra heads, $50 each.