Yearly Maintenance

Precision Tune-up + Full Safety Check Program

Breakdowns never occur when you have time and plenty of cash on hand to pay for them.

Studies show that over 70% of repairs to heating and cooling systems could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

You get the oil changed, tires rotated, and check ups done on your vehicle so why not keep you oil, natural gas, propane or geothermal system operating at peak efficiency and in tip top shape?

Hayter Service Truck

Prepaid Pricing* for Annual Maintenance

*You can save every year by pre-paying your annual maintenance. It’s also a great way to remember to service your equipment. You’ll keep your system running efficiently and also keep your equipment warranty valid, by performing an annual preventative maintenance check. Hayter Group pre-paid customers get priority service. You also receive 15% off any repairs to your equipment. If you require after hours emergency service, there is no additional charge.

Safety Check Only Program

Furnace safety check only is $85.00 + HST. Furnace and Air Conditioner safety check only combined is $150 + HST.

Furnace/Boiler Checklist

Air Conditioner Checklist

HRV Checklist

Geothermal Checklist

Fireplace Checklist

Other Maintenance and Repair Services

It Doesn’t Matter Who Made Your Equipment, The Hayter Group will Service It

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