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Hayter Group Completes Large Scale Solar Project

This project in Orillia, Ontario involved installing over 1,500 solar panels on the roof of Ace Self-Storage. The array is now producing enough clean energy to power over 60 homes. This project was possible through the Ontario Government’s FIT (feed-in-tariff) program. This program approves solar projects on commercial buildings that are greater than 10 kW… Read more »

Adding Solar to your New Home

A few excerpts from our latest blog: "Buying or building a new home is a great time for upgrades you have always wanted. You can often build a little extra into the mortgage for a new kitchen or a bathroom renovation." "Why not consider an option for your new home that will help pay for… Read more »

Plenty of Options for Keeping the Workshop Cozy

Recently Chad Hayter was interviewed by Ontario Farmer magazine about the latest trends for heating barns, workshops and drive sheds. Here are a few excerpts from the article: “A lot of new drive sheds and farm workshops have gone up around the country this summer and after last winter’s spike in propane prices many rural… Read more »

Black Solar Panels – 10kW Job

This job in Windham Centre (near Simcoe, Ontario) features 40 black Hanwha Panels with SolarEdge optimizer and inverters. The black panels allow the home to generate clean energy and income without affecting the aesthetics of the front of the home. To see other solar jobs by The Hayter Group, click here.

Solar Panels – Ingersoll, ON

This installation by The Hayter Group in Ingersoll, Ontario will be generating a steady flow of income for the homeowner over the next 20 years, guaranteed by a Government Contract. This is a 10kW system that features 40 Hanwha Panels along with SolarEdge optimizer and inverters. Notice how we were able to use two different… Read more »

Customized Racking for Solar Panels

These drive sheds were fitted with solar panels and custom racking designed and installed by The Hayter Group. The panels follow the contour of the round roof. This farm is located near Sheffield, Ontario (between Cambridge and Rockton). To see more solar job photos, click here.

Solar Job – Flamborough, ON

This 10 kW microFIT installation in Flamborough features 40 Hanwha panels and SolarEdge inverters. The panels are positioned on the roof to allow the owner to expand the system in the future and cover the entire roof for the commercial FIT program or net-metering. The commercial FIT program is for business buildings with larger arrays…. Read more »

Solar Job – Norfolk County

This is a photo of a recently completed solar installation in Norfolk County. You can find out more about this job and see more photos by clicking here.

Geothermal Installation Cambridge, Ontario

These photos show a geothermal installation by The Hayter Group in Cambridge, Ontario. The loops are small-diameter, high-density polyethylene pipes that are installed 5 feet down. Heat is transferred to or from the structure, to provide year-round comfort. This property was large enough to accommodate a trench for a horizontal loop system. For homes with… Read more »

Solar Panel Installation, Paris, Ontario

We installed 33 black Hanwha solar panels at this home in Paris, Ontario. The system also features SolarEdge optimizers and inverters. The black panels worked better with the home’s aesthetics. Every Hayter installation is customized to suit the property and the available roof space. Click here to see more Hayter Group solar installations.