Plenty of Options for Keeping the Workshop Cozy

Ontario Farmer Chad Hayter and Napoleon Furnace

Recently Chad Hayter was interviewed by Ontario Farmer magazine about the latest trends for heating barns, workshops and drive sheds. Here are a few excerpts from the article:

“A lot of new drive sheds and farm workshops have gone up around the country this summer and after last winter’s spike in propane prices many rural residents are looking for more efficient ways of heating their farm buildings.”

“…a new option that farmers could consider for heating either their homes or shops is Napoleon’s new line of hybrid furnaces that combine the ability to burn wood with a backup option of either oil, electric, natural gas or propane.”

“We have a cast iron boiler for people who want to heat with wood but utilize an in-floor heating tube”

“…when farmers are building a shop they should spend some time considering their heat options before they pour the floor. They are basically making a decision of how that shop will be heated for the next 100 years so our theory is put the tubes in, they are low cost and you have all kinds of options in terms of what to heat with”

Click here to download the pdf with the entire article