Hayter Group Completes Large Scale Solar Project

Solar Panels, Ace Storage, Orillia, Ontario

This project in Orillia, Ontario involved installing over 1,500 solar panels on the roof of Ace Self-Storage. The array is now producing enough clean energy to power over 60 homes.

This project was possible through the Ontario Government’s FIT (feed-in-tariff) program. This program approves solar projects on commercial buildings that are greater than 10 kW in size.

The Ace Storage job was 393 kW, almost 40 times the size of a typical residential installation.

The Hayter Group has developed considerable skill in rooftop installations. Proper planning and installation techniques insure that the roof truss system can carry the solar panel load. Care must be taken when the mounting brackets are secured to the roof to insure that there will be no rain-water leaks.

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