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Refuge Chatham Giving Back Winner

Refuge Chatham - Giving Back Winner

Derek from The Hayter Group presented $1,000 to the Refuge Pregnancy Centre in Chatham. You can find out more about Refuge on their website. Every quarter, The Hayter Group donates $1,000 to a deserving local organization. Refuge Chatham received the most votes during the second quarter of 2020. To vote or learn more about our… Read more »


The Hayter Group is open to continue servicing our customer’s needs. We have taken steps to protect both our employees and customers. If a Hayter Group employee shows signs of sickness, we send them home and ask them to self-quarantine. If someone is sick in your home or is self-quarantined, please advise us before we… Read more »

Electricity is the Future of Home Heating

Home heating makes up a significant portion of the greenhouse gases produced in Ontario. Approximatley 70% of households are heated by burning fossil fuels (natural gas, propane or oil). Natural Gas is a cleaner burning fuel than oil. However; it’s not just burning Natural Gas that’s bad for the environment. Natural Gas that leaks from… Read more »

Water Treatment System

Water Pump and Treatment System

Depending on your water source you may have issues with “hard” water; minerals and sulphur in your water. A water treatment system is your solution. There are a number of reasons why you will want to correct this. Your Laundry Iron in the water makes detergents less efficient. This leaves stains on the clothing.The iron… Read more »

Alvinston Arts + Music Fest

Mona Saunders and Tiffany Felton of The Hayter Group present $1,000.00 to Elaine Brennan and Vanessa Benoit. Every quarter, The Hayter Group donates $1,000 to a hard-working organization that receives the most votes. To vote for your favourite group, click here. The Alvinston Arts + Music Fest put on a full day festival. It is… Read more »

Why Deal with The Hayter Group?

Why Deal with The Hayter Group?

When you are making a decision about what type of equipment to use for heating and cooling your home, it is equally important to think about what contractor do you want installing the equipment. The Hayter Group has been serving clients across South-Western Ontario since 1952. We want your business and here is what we’ll… Read more »

Geothermal Heating Pays off for Local Chicken Farm

WaterFurnace 2x1

In 2006, The Hayter Group was approached by a Lambton County, Ontario chicken farm looking to double the size of their operation. They were operating a 32,000 square foot barn that was heated by a radiant in-floor system and natural gas fired boilers. In Canada, the chicken you are serving for dinner was likely raised… Read more »

Is Geothermal a Viable Option for Anybody?

The Geothermal Advantage

I often hear from people that geothermal heating and cooling is not a practical choice for many people. Reasons cited are cost of installation and the misunderstanding that a large rural lot is required. Geothermal Explained:  Geothermal is a combination of two words. Geo means ‘of the earth’ and thermal is to ‘heat’. The earth… Read more »

Solar Energy Saves Water

Solar Energy Saves Water

Little Known Solar Energy Facts Did you know that up to 40% of all fresh water withdrawl in the United States is used producing electricity? Nuclear Energy and Coal Power Plants are the biggest water users. Natural Gas Power Plants also use large amounts of water. Solar and Wind Energy projects use virtually no fresh… Read more »

Glorious Geothermal!

Geothermal Systems

A recent article in the Globe and Mail features two geothermal installations in Ontario. Some myths about installing geothermal systems in Canada are dispelled. Geothermal systems are shown to be a very effective, environmentally conscious way to heat and cool your home. A common misconception is that we are too far north to use geothermal…. Read more »