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Geothermal Blog

Is Geothermal a viable option for anybody? Chad discusses some of the misconceptions about geothermal energy in our latest blog. Click here to read our blog.

$2,500 Scholarship Winner

Izak Gordon of Thedford receives a $2,500 scholarship from Sandie McKay of the Rotary Club and Chad Hayter. The scholarship courtesy of the Rotary Club of London was one of the benefits of the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award to The Hayter Group in 2013. The winner was selected from family members of Hayter clients…. Read more »

Radon Gas

Did you know that Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in Canada? The problem exists in homes right here in South-Western Ontario You can read more about Radon gas on CBC News. The solution for any home is an ERV or HRV. You can read more about these essential home comfort… Read more »

Scholarship Program Winners

Natalie Husnik is presented with a $250 scholarship cheque by Lee-ah Durance (left) of The Hayter Group. Travis Pavey also was awarded with a $250 scholarship, presented by Mary Louise Hayter.

Skills Canada Challenge

Matt McLean of the Hayter Group was the Technical Chair for the Skills Canada Renewable Energy Challenge. The event was held in Waterloo on May 5. Grade 7 and 8 students competed by building water wheels. The students learned green energy concepts and developed team work skills.

Latest Blog

In our latest blog, Chad discusses programmable thermostats. Setting back your thermostat at night does pay. The Canadian Government has done an extensive study. Click here to read our blog.

Solar Panels, Custom Racking

This 10 kW job in Brant County features custom racking to raise and angle the panels in correct orientation to maximize production over the life of the system. The Hayter Group can develop engineered solutions for any situation. Click here to see more solar panel installations by The Hayter Group.

Canadian Contractor

Chad Hayter’s presentation at the 2013 Homebuilder and Renovator’s Expo in December was used as the basis for an article in the March/April issue of Canadian Contractor. Click here to read article.

Giving Back Program Winner

The Western Engineering Faculty Sunstang project was the winner of the First Quarter Give Back Program. Bruce Durance, Matt McLean, Theresa Roth, Lois Bogart, and Kim Jones represented The Hayter Group for the presentation. Click here for photos of our visit to the Sunstang project!

Is Solar Replacing Nuclear?

Worldwide, in 2013, solar power installations grew by 38 gigawatts, from 96 to 134. In the preceding year, 32 gigawatts of solar power were installed worldwide, compared with a net addition of just 1.2 gigawatts of nuclear. Read more about the growth of Solar Energy.