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Solar Panels Increase Home Values

Solar Panels increase the value of your home.

When we are talking to people about solar panels, one of their first questions is: “What if I sell my house?”.  An article by ‘Cost of Solar’ says studies in the United States are showing that buyers are paying a premium for homes with solar panels. Quote from article: “The study, which analyzed about 22,000… Read more »

Annual Furnace Maintenance

Importance of Furnace Maintenance

Furnace manufacturers and fuel suppliers (natural gas, propane, oil and electrical) all recommend annual maintenance for your home comfort equipment. Many people wonder if this is really necessary, as equipment will often run for several years trouble free. There are several important reasons that make annual maintenance a wise choice. Efficiency Equipment that is not… Read more »

Geothermal Heating Pays off for Local Chicken Farm

WaterFurnace 2x1

In 2006, The Hayter Group was approached by a Lambton County, Ontario chicken farm looking to double the size of their operation. They were operating a 32,000 square foot barn that was heated by a radiant in-floor system and natural gas fired boilers. In Canada, the chicken you are serving for dinner was likely raised… Read more »

Solar Energy Saves Water

Solar Energy Saves Water

Little Known Solar Energy Facts Did you know that up to 40% of all fresh water withdrawl in the United States is used producing electricity? Nuclear Energy and Coal Power Plants are the biggest water users. Natural Gas Power Plants also use large amounts of water. Solar and Wind Energy projects use virtually no fresh… Read more »

What is Zuba Central?

Zuba Central Heat Pump

Zuba Central is a revolutionary alternative for heating and cooling your home. Many people know that to improve on the performance of a high-efficiency natural gas furnace, you can go to a geothermal heat pump. Geothermal systems are the most energy efficient way to heat and cool your home. Geothermal however, is not for everyone…. Read more »

Buying an Electric Car?

Solar Powered Chevy Volt

Why not go completely Green and power it with the Sun?Even an electric car has a carbon foot-print. When you plug your car in overnight, there is a power plant somewhere producing electricity to recharge your car. Most power plants in Ontario are nuclear, coal or natural gas. If you have solar panels installed on… Read more »

Junior Racing League

Junior Racing League

The Hayter Group is pleased to be sponsoring Michael Verberne. Michael is eight years old and from Strathroy. He races at Delaware Speedway in the Junior Racing League. Junior Racing League Cars are half scale late model vehicles that are powered by 9 HP Honda engines. The vehicles are capable of speeds of up to… Read more »

2nd Quarter 2016 Give Back Winners

Lambton Elderly Outreach, Give-back Winners

The 2016 winners for the second quarter was Lambton Elderly Outreach. Jim Hayter (far right) and Jim Redick (far left) make the presentation to a deserving group. Every quarter The Hayter Group presents $1,000 to the community group that receives the most votes on our website. To vote, or to nominate your favorite group, click… Read more »

Hayter Group Solar Powered Car

Solar Powered Chevy Volt

Matt Mclean of The Hayter Group visits all of our solar customers with our solar powered Chevy Volt. At home, Matt produces enough solar power to offset all power used by his home and most of the energy used by his car. It’s a hybrid, so locally it can run exclusively on solar power. On… Read more »

Mini Solar Arrays

Air Condition for Free

How would you like to run your air conditioner for free? With our hot summers in South-Western Ontario, most of us rely on central air conditioning to keep our home comfortable. The hottest time of the day, when we need air conditioning most, coincides with the highest hydro rates. Currently with time of use billing,… Read more »