Mini Solar Arrays

How would you like to run your air conditioner for free?

Air Condition for Free

With our hot summers in South-Western Ontario, most of us rely on central air conditioning to keep our home comfortable. The hottest time of the day, when we need air conditioning most, coincides with the highest hydro rates.

Currently with time of use billing, including delivery and regulatory fees, peak rates can range from 22-27¢ kWh depending on your utility.

A Note on Hydro Rates

22-27¢ kWh are today’s peak hour rates for electricity. Rates have been increasing every year, imagine what they’ll be in 30 years when your solar panels will still be producing green power.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are producing power at their peak efficiency on hot sunny days at the same time you want to run your air conditioner. The main reason you don’t see more solar panels in Southern Ontario is the cost of installing them.

A typical installation of 40 solar panels on your roof can run over $30,000. Hydro is now allowing us to install much smaller systems of 2 or 3 panels. These systems can be installed for about $5,000.

Imagine being able to run your air conditioner whenever you want and setting the temperature for your comfort. If you have a Mini Solar Array, you’ll be able to produce enough power to run your air conditioner for free.

The Mini Solar Arrays are not designed to produce all your power. They are set up to offset your peak time of day usage. Once installed, solar panels are very low maintenance and can still be producing clean power 30 years from now.

The Mini Solar Arrays have several advantages including:

  • Lower up-front investment
  • Smaller sunny roof exposure needed
  • Produce your own power instead of paying peak rates
  • You are protected from future hydro rate increases
  • Easier to get approvals for grid connections

Give us a call at the Hayter Group today and we can have one of our solar experts assess your property. We don’t use high pressure sales tactics and you may be surprised to learn how easy it is for you to produce your own green energy.