How Does The Process Work?

Let Hayters get things rolling with a FREE Preliminary Solar Assessment

Does Your Property Qualify? Find out today.

If your home or property has a south, west or east facing roof-line, there is a very good chance that you qualify for the microFIT Program. This means you have the opportunity to turn your home’s roof into a significant revenue stream, the proceeds from which can be used for anything you desire.

However, before beginning any project, Hayter’s perform a FREE site assessment to determine the optimal installation location for the system and to address any potential shading concerns. We can perform simulations to determine site-specific output for various orientations and locations to optimize your system’s return while balancing aesthetics and potential area constraints. It allows our customers to make an informed decision about the program and the system which drives it.

Hayter Solar System Install

Complete Turnkey Installations

At Hayter Solar our staff guides you through the entire process from initial assessment to grid-connection, removing any unknowns from the equation:

  • Shading assessments
  • System design and proposals
  • Government paperwork and approvals
  • Electrical Utility paperwork and approvals
  • Structural Engineering
  • Installation of equipment
  • Electrical connection to utility grid
  • Data and phone line setup for monitoring

Solar microFIT System set-up Timeline


Acronyms from above Chart:

  • IESO – Independent Electricity System Operator (The government body that oversees electricity production)
  • LDC – Local Distribution Company (Your local hydro utility)
  • ESA – Electrical Safety Authority (Electrical Inspector)

Ongoing Customer Support

  • Lifetime system monitoring
  • 24 hour service
  • Stocked warehouse
  • Licensed electrical contractor
  • All service done in house
  • Exclusive Hayter Trust Warranty

Below: Precise Data monitoring available on all Hayter Solar Systems. This feature enables you to know how much energy you’re producing any time of the day.

Hayter Solar System Data Monitoring