Water Treatment System

Depending on your water source you may have issues with “hard” water; minerals and sulphur in your water. A water treatment system is your solution.

There are a number of reasons why you will want to correct this.

Your Laundry

Iron in the water makes detergents less efficient. This leaves stains on the clothing.The iron causes the fabric to deteriorate at a faster rate. The clothing will have mild discolouring that affects brightness and dulls the whites. The clothing will have a scratchy feel.

Sulphur in your water has the nasty rotten egg smell that is very difficult to fully eliminate.


In addition to the sulphur odor and staining, iron will etch your dishes over time.

General House Cleaning

Extra time and effort is used to remove the stains that come from iron in the water. In addition, More chemicals are used to mask the sulphuric smell. Your plumbing and appliances will have a shorter life due to the deterioration caused by the iron and sulphur. Mineral deposits can also build up around the openings in your taps and shower heads. This reduces water pressure.

Plumbing fixtures will discolour over time as the minerals eat through the finish.

Hard Water Scale

The Hayter Group recently did an installation to correct these issues. Specialized filters were installed to remove iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide.

The filters have a number of other beneficial features.

A new water pump and treatment system will produce many short and long term benefits. If you have “hard” water call The  Hayter Group for the solution.