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1st Quarter 2017 Give-Back Winners

2017 1st Quarter Giving Back Winners, Bluewater Cheer Athletics

Bluewater Cheer Athletics is a competitive cheer-leading gym in Sarnia.What will the Money be Used for?The money will be used to support 52 of their elite cheer-leading athletes to compete at “The Summit” in Disney World this year which is equivalent to “The Olympics” of cheer-leading. A trip to “The Summit” is earned through recognition… Read more »

Brooke Alvinston Arts & Activity Group

Brooke Alvinston Arts & Activity Group

Mike Boudreau of The Hayter Group presents $1,000 to Brooke Alvinston Arts & Activity Group We at the Hayter Group believe that it is vitally important to give back to the communities that support us. We give back a portion of profits and let you decide which organization should get it. Living in our communities… Read more »