Natural Gas Heating

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High Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Gas forced air furnaces are the most common means of heating and cooling homes throughout Ontario because of ease of installation and year round comfort. A common forced air duct system allows heated air from your furnace and cool air from central air conditioning to be transferred to every room of the house.

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High Efficiency Gas Boilers

Boilers are used in combination with hot water radiators or radiant floor heating systems.

The Challenger Combination Boiler features a unique “Two in One” heat exchanger that provides both space heating and domestic hot water. As a combination boiler, the Challenger eliminates the need for a separate domestic hot water tank. The unique heat exchanger in the Challenger heats domestic hot water directly.

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Triangle Tube

Radiant Tube / Infrared Heaters

For an economical garage or shop heating system in either propane or natural gas, a radiant tube heater will fit most applications. Radiant tube heater technology provides savings in installation and operating expenses. Radiant heat focuses the energy where you want it, rather than heating the entire building.

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Natural Gas Wall Furnaces

Existing homes requiring heat not provided by a central heating system typically have wall gas furnaces installed. These units are found in different rooms throughout the home on outside walls. New construction allows for a duct or radiant heat system and wall furnaces are not commonly installed. There are many installation options available for wall gas furnaces. Cozy gas wall furnaces from The Hayter Group are available in natural gas and propane – with or without standing pilot. Standing pilot allows the heating system to operate when the hydro is out.

Cozy Heating Systems