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Radiant Floor Heat Systems

Whether your home or shop is 100 years old, or just being built, radiant floor heat is the ultimate in comfort and is widely adaptable. It is a unique and cost effective solution for any application. Unlike forced air heat, which accumulates near the ceiling, radiant floor heat is transferred directly to you and your surroundings providing you and your family with the greatest benefit.

The Hayter Group installs Uponor radiant floor heating systems in both new and existing homes.

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Forced Air / Duct Work System

Forced air is usually delivered through the metal duct system throughout a building. In Canada, this has been the most common method of home heat delivery for the last few decades. Its popularity still exists because it is a relatively low cost heating and cooling delivery system.

Baseboard / Hot Water Radiators / Radiant Towel Racks

Runtal Radiators is a world leader in radiant and hydronic heating. Runtal offers sleek and decorative European Style panel radiators in a variety of styles: towel warmers, towel radiators, baseboard radiators, and wallpanel systems. Whether it’s below zero temperatures or just a chilly morning, Runtal Radiators provide the comfort of radiant heat and the elegance of fine design. Runtal’s sleek two-inch profile Euro-style flat-panel radiators are ideal replacements for fin-tube baseboard, cast iron baseboard or cast iron radiators. Runtal Radiators also may be used with low water temperatures, They can complement a radiant floor heating system. Runtal Radiators can heat any size area.

Hydronic heat is more even and comfortable than forced air heating. A hydronic system can be set up in zones, so you don’t have to fully heat areas of the home that you are not using. Homes with hot water heating can be air conditioned as well. The most common air conditioning solution for a home with a boiler and radiators is an energy efficient ductless split.

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