Glorious Geothermal!

A recent article in the Globe and Mail features two geothermal installations in Ontario. Some myths about installing geothermal systems in Canada are dispelled. Geothermal systems are shown to be a very effective, environmentally conscious way to heat and cool your home.

A common misconception is that we are too far north to use geothermal. The first 200 metres of the earth’s crust stays at a constant 6 ° to 11 ° regardless of your location. Geothermal systems are installed underground at a minimum depth of 5 feet. Pipes are installed vertically or horizontally, depending on the surface space available.The pipes, filled with a water-glycol mix, carry heat into the home during the winter, where it is converted into warm air to heat the home. In the summer warm air is removed from the house and cool air replaces it. Geothermal systems provide heating and cooling for your home.

Vertical Geothermal Installation

The two examples sited in the article could not be more different. One system is horizontal , installed in a large field, heating a home. The other is a vertical installation in downtown Toronto, that heats a hostel.

These success stories provide proof of dramatic energy savings.The benefits of geothermal for the environment are enormous. This is a system that needs to be utilized on a much wider scale.

The success of your geothermal system relies on the installation being done by qualified, experienced installers.

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