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Hybrid Heating Rebates!

Hybrid Heating Rebate up to $6,500

An electric heat pump with smart controls is paired with a natural gas furnace to make a hybrid heating system. The system switches between hydro and gas to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible. Your home will be cooled efficiently by the heat pump during the summer and will keep you warm… Read more »

$150 Off EV Charger

$150 Off EV Charger

*Book your home EV charger install by June 30, 2023 How it Works 1. Free Assessment Let’s get started. Call us up or fill out the contact form to book your assessment. We’ll answer your questions and get a better understanding of your needs. EV Assessment Contact Form 2. Receive Estimate Using the details you’ve… Read more »

5 Benefits to Having a Licensed Electrician Install Your Home EV Charger

Aecon Electrician

If you own an electric vehicle (EV) and are considering installing an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) at your home, it’s important to have a licensed electrician handle the installation. Here are five benefits to having a licensed electrician install your home EVSE: Safety Installing an EVSE requires working with high voltage electricity, which can… Read more »

Solar Rebates

Up to $7,500 in Grants and Rebates for Solar

Start Producing Your Own Electricity A new solar array will produce green energy for the next 25 plus years. You can produce your own power for about the same cost as you pay today. The advantage is that your rates won’t increase over time. *A grant up to $5,000 is available through the Canada Greener… Read more »

Hayter Solar Academy

Black Residential Solar Panels - The Hayter Group

Are you considering switching to solar energy for your home or business? Look no further! In this Solar 101 series, we will provide a comprehensive overview of solar panel systems and the equipment needed to harness the power of the sun. But before diving into the specifics, let’s first discuss the history of solar technology…. Read more »

Heat Pump Grants

Heat Pumps | up to $5,000 Grant

ENERGY STAR – Air Source Heat Pumps Ductless or ducted electrical air sourced heat pumps have been steadily growing in popularity. Ductless mini-splits have been especially popular for rooms that are hard to cool, because they are on the second floor or have been added to the home. Cold climate heat pumps can also be… Read more »

Geothermal Rebates and Grants

Geothermal - up to $5,000 in Grants

Best Time to Invest The best time to invest in the most environmentally friendly home comfort system is today! Take advantage of Federal Government grants from the  Canada Greener Homes Program. Geothermal is the most cost effective way to heat and cool your home. WaterFurnace units provide superior comfort with precise, even temperatures eliminating cold… Read more »

Renewable Energy Investment Tax Credits

Electric Car | Solar Panel

The 2023 Federal Budget was recently announced and is bringing exciting news for the renewable energy industry across Canada. The industry welcomed the introduction of refundable investment tax credits (ITC) for renewable energy and green hydrogen investments, which will boost the competitiveness of Canada’s renewable energy industry. Here at the Hayter Group/Aecon Green Energy Solutions,… Read more »

Do Solar Panels Work in the Wintertime?

Solar Panels in the Winter

Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity for your home or business. While the sun may not be as strong during the winter months in Canada, solar panels are still able to generate electricity, though at a potentially reduced capacity. During the winter, the days are shorter, and the… Read more »

How To Go Solar

How to go Solar

Congratulations on considering solar energy for your home! Making the switch to solar is a big decision, but it can also be a rewarding one. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to get started: Step 1: Determine if Solar is Right for You Before diving into shopping for solar panels, it’s important to… Read more »