Solar Tracker Service

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Solar Trackers

Solar Panels are most effective when they are pointed directly at the sun. Most solar parks and ground mounted solar panels use solar trackers.

The trackers are a mechanical system that adjusts the panels through the day.

Single-axis trackers allow the panels to follow the sun’s path from east to west. Single-axis trackers are commonly used in large solar parks.

Dual-axis solar trackers also adjust the panels for the height of the sun in the sky. In the winter months, the sun follows a lower ark across the sky.

Solar trackers allow panels to gather up to 45% more energy, so the extra cost of installation is justified in larger sized solar projects.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels | Dual Axis Trackers
Ground Mounted Solar Panels | Dual Axis Trackers

Dual-Axis Solar Tracker

Hayter Solar Service

Solar trackers are mechanical systems that can break down. Regular service will improve the efficiency of your solar equipment and extend its’ operating life.

Your solar equipment suffers from constant exposure to sun, wind, rain and snow. The Hayter Group will inspect all aspects of your system and replace components as required.

  • Inspect Gaskets, Boots and Mounts
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Check Bolts for Proper Torque
  • Grease Gearbox, Brushes and Bearings
  • Check for Rust Damage
  • Check Alignment
  • Check Vents, Look for Condensation or Moisture
  • Check Input and Output Levels of Inverter

We Service all Brands

The Hayter Group services all makes of single-axis and dual-axis solar trackers. including DEGER.

Fixed Mount Solar Panel Service

The Hayter Group also services and repairs fixed mount panel systems commonly installed on homes.

  • Electrical Connections
  • Check Grounds
  • Repair Critter Damage
  • Check Inverter

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