Reducing Natural Gas Useage

Solar Powered Chevy Volt

The Move to Net Zero

A recent article in the Toronto Star summarizes strategies that Ontario is following to reduce the use of natural gas.

Natural gas is currently used to generate some of the province’s electricity. “While natural gas only supplies seven per cent of the electricity Ontario consumes, it plays a critical role in ensuring reliability of the power system, given its ability to respond quickly to changing demand and supply conditions.”

“With the retirement of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in 2025 and the projected increase in demand as Ontario recovers from COVID-19, Ontario already needs new sources of electricity. Electrification will create additional needs.”

The answer is an increase in clean fuel sources, including solar panels.

Hybrid Heating

“Innovative hybrid solutions, such as the partnering of natural gas home heating with heat pumps, can reduce Ontario’s carbon footprint.”

Homeowners are starting to invest in Hybrid Heating solutions that pair a natural gas furnace with an energy efficient heat pump. The heat pump takes over from the furnace at night when electricity rates are lower and on mild days when the heat pump can operate at maximum efficiency.

The natural gas furnace is used in the coldest weather and when hydro rates are high.

Home heating is a major contributor to green house gases. Hybrid heating can significantly reduce the use of natural gas for home heating.

If you own a home in London, there is a program currently being offered by Enbridge and London Hydro to invest in hybrid heating.