Up to $4,000 in Rebates for Electrically Heated Homes

Electrically heated homes that also would like to add air conditioning need to act now, the provincial government has announced that this program will be ending soon!

Homes or businesses that use electricity as the primary heat source (70% of total heating load) are eligible for this attractive program.

Save ON Energy

The Ontario Government Save ON Energy program is offering up to $4,000 in rebates for new air source heat pumps installed in electrically heated homes.

Zuba Central

A Zuba Central system from The Hayter Group is a Made for Canada Heat Pump. Zuba-Central provides excellent heating performance in Canadian winters, even during extremely cold outdoor temperatures of -30°C. The system also provides energy efficient cooling in the summer months.

Zuba-Central is a heat pump that installs easily into new or existing ductwork to provide you with a more energy-efficient and more cost-effective way to heat and cool your home.

Zuba Central Equipment

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