Off-Season Solar Special

$1,000 Off + Free Grid Capacity Check**

Solar Panel InstallationThe Hayter Group will start the process with an assessment of your home. Your roof needs to be large enough and open to sunshine for a majority of the day.

Net Metering is the most common way that homeowners and businesses can start producing their own clean renewable energy. With a net metering system, you install solar panels to produce electricity for your own use. There are many days in the summer months where your system will produce more electricity than you can consume. The excess energy is fed back to the electrical grid and you accumulate credits. You can use these credits to offset the power you need to buy on cloudy days, night time or during the winter months.

We’ll determine if you can get a grid connection*. Once we get the necessary approvals, we provide turn-key solutions that fit your needs and budget.

* Not all properties can get a grid connection, your area may have all the green energy connections that the local grid can handle. That's why it's important to book a system before your area has too much renewable energy feeding into the grid. Approximately 40% of South-Western Ontario homes and businesses can no longer have net metering systems installed. Don't delay, get your connection approved today!

The Bottom Line

It costs you nothing to find out if a solar array makes sense for your home. If you go ahead and purchase a minimum 10kW system, we will deduct $1,000 from your system price!**

**offer valid until January 31, 2019.

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