New Name for OPA

Independent Electricity System Operator

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the organization that coordinates province-wide conservation efforts, plans the electricity system for the long term, and contracts for clean electricity resources, is merging with the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO). The new merged organization will be called the IESO.

The IESO will continue to operate the FIT and microFIT program. These programs allow home owners and businesses to produce solar energy and sell it back into the grid at favorable rates.

The OPA also operated the saveONenergy program, which pays rebates to homeowners when they install new energy efficient HVAC equipment. This program will also continue under the new IESO banner.

The Hayter Group clients with existing solar contracts or those with solar applications are not affected by these changes. You will see a change in paperwork as the government is dropping the OPA logo.