London Heat Pump Incentive

London Heat Pump Pilot Program

Buy an Air Source Heat Pump instead of a new Air Conditioner

A hybrid heating system with smart controls is an efficient, economical way to heat your home while lowering your carbon footprint during spring and fall seasons. With a hybrid system, the source of your energy (condensing natural gas furnace or electric air-source heat pump) is optimized, based on the outdoor temperature and cost.

How Does Hybrid Heating Work?

Hybrid heating uses two systems to heat your home as efficiently as possible. An electric air-source heat pump will heat your home when temperatures are moderate and electricity rates are low. When temperatures are cooler, or at times when electricity rates are at their peak, the system automatically switches to your condensing natural gas furnace, ensuring comfort on cold winter days. Your home will also be cooled efficiently by the heat pump.

During the summer:
The air-source heat pump draws heat from inside your home and moves it outside, cooling more efficiently than your old air conditioner.

During the spring, fall and winter:
The air-source heat pump draws heat from outside and moves it indoors. If it gets too cold outside, your condensing natural gas furnace will automatically kick in to provide backup heat.


  • You own a home in London, Ontario.
  • You are a customer of both Enbridge and London Hydro.
  • You are on time-of-use hydro rates.
  • Your home is heated by a condensing natural gas furnace.
  • You need to replace your central air conditioner.
  • You have Wi-Fi.

How the Pilot Program Works

  1. The Hayter Group confirms your eligibility.
  2. The Hayter Group installs your new Napoleon air source heat pump with smart controls by October 29, 2021.
  3. It will take 4-8 weeks to receive your incentive cheque (up to $3,200).
  4. The pilot program runs for two years. You agree to complete 3 short surveys over the course of the program.

Don’t wait! Participation in this pilot program is limited.

Napoleon NS18 Air Source Heat Pump
Napoleon NS18 Air Source Heat Pump
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