Keep Sake from our 2013 Championship Team


The Hayter Group was given this beautiful plaque, hand-painted on slate as a ‘Thank You’ from the team we sponsored that went on to win the Ontario Championship.

This team was special as our very own Kim Jones was part of this team. The details below, come from Kim:

“In 2013 we qualified to go to the Ontario Provincial Championships with playing in 2 tournaments (in which we won both) and through our league play. We were a bunch of friends that loved playing ball together and came from all over Ontario.”

“We played the weekend of Sept 13, 14, 15 2013, in which we played 4 games on Friday and Saturday finishing first in our pool. We then went into sudden death play on the Sunday starting at 8am, playing 6 games in a row making it all the way to the finals. We then played a team in the finals winning in 5 innings.”

“The team was sponsored by The Hayter Group and we really do appreciate their support.”