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Napoleon HMF200 Multi-Fuel Furnace

Go away for an extended period without worrying about keeping your wood furnace operational.

Napoleon’s Hybrid HMF200 combination furnace is an extremely clean burning wood furnace, with an efficiency rating of 88.6% and emissions of 3.4 grams per hour. The Napoleon® Hybrid HMF200 is one of the cleanest and most efficient combination solid fuel burning furnaces on the market today.

If the furnace runs out of wood, a second thermostat controlling the optional oil, natural gas or propane components will keep your home warm even if you are away, without interruption. With power failures, the furnace (wood only) is designed to use gravity air flow for emergency heating.

Napoleon’s Ontario made gas furnace, the 9600 series, has been configured to operate with the multi-fuel Hybrid200 furnace that heats with wood. This combination goes beyond superior performance by integrating the environmentally friendly features of the HMF200 with the extremely high efficiency features of the 96% AFUE gas furnace.

Napoleon HMF150
Napoleon Wood Hybrid Combinations

Advanced Combustion System

Napoleon’s four stainless steel tube combustion system achieves a secondary burn cycle. Not only are you getting energy from the wood, but also from the wood gases which are mixed at the precise ratio of temperature and oxygen. To achieve a clean burn without a catalytic combustor, horizontal jets of super heated secondary air are mixed with the fire’s smoke to burn off released smoke particles. You can watch the torch-like secondary flames just below the ceiling during the burn resulting in more heat, cleaner air, fast start up, less chimney maintenance and fewer trips to the woodpile.

The impressively large 3.4 cubic foot, fully welded and completely lined combustion chamber will give you many years of safe and trouble free performance. The bypass damper and preheated outside air feed directly into the combustion chamber, providing responsiveness and maximum heat control. The thermostat sets the desired heat level for a roaring fire and then shuts down for a long, clean and consistent burn.

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