Wood Heating

Heating with wood and wood burning technology has become more efficient and environmentally friendly. A thermostatically controlled wood burning unit, in combination with an oil heat systems will provide clean and constant heat. Wood furnaces can also be combined with electric furnaces. Now for the first time, Napoleon has developed a wood/propane furnace combination.

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Wood Burning Installations

The Hayter Group is one of only a handful of companies certified and insured for wood burning installations.

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Wood Energy Technology Transfer

Wood Furnaces, Multi-Fuel Furnaces

Wood is a great choice if you have access to a woodlot or can buy firewood relatively inexpensively. With recurring concerns about the high cost of home heat, more people are heating their homes with wood.

As a renewable, biomass fuel, firewood is abundant and relatively inexpensive. Burning wood for heat in a wood furnace helps people take control of high home heating bills and can even keep a house warm when the power goes out.

Wood furnaces can be used alone to heat your home, or can be combined with an oil furnace. This gives you all the advantages of wood heating, with a worry-free backup, when you are away from home.

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Wood Fired Boilers

A Wood Boiler can be combined with an in-floor heating system or radiators to heat your home or building with hot water. The boiler can also be used to provide domestic hot water. Wood Boilers can be used as a stand alone heat system or can be combined with other heating systems.

If you are building a new workshop or drive shed, it’s the ideal time to install plastic tubing when you pour the floor. In-floor heat in a workshop is far more comfortable and efficient than ceiling mounted furnaces.

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Gas and wood fireplaces, stoves and inserts are available at The Hayter Group and can be installed quickly and easily by our trained staff. These units are designed with the latest technology to provide comfort for any lifestyle. Whether your renovating, building or replacing, the units are a smart investment that brings you years of affordable luxury in your home. Safety features are built in and will keep you safe automatically.

Many styles and sizes are available. They are designed to be convenient, clean and reliable heating sources, both for small and large spaces. Stainless steel, high heat ceramic and tempered glass are used in the designs to provide evenly dispersed heat, low emissions and economical operation.

Fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere. In a small room you can easily create a cozy atmosphere with glowing logs and embers for an impressive view; in a large room, the fireplace can impress with its greatness, enjoyment and comfort. Fireplaces may be one, two or multi-sided to accommodate the layout of the home. There are many decorative trim and firebox styles in a wide range of colours to create the exact atmosphere envisioned for the home.

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If you are burning wood in a furnace, stove or fireplace, you’ll need a proper chimney. Selecting and installing a proper chimney is a job best left to a professional. A proper chimney will keep your family safe and keep your appliance operating efficiently. The Hayter Group uses top quality chimneys from Selkirk Chimney and Venting Systems.

Selkirk Chimney & Venting