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Kerr is a brand owned by Granby.


Paradigm High Efficiency Oil Furnace

The Kerr Paradigm condensing oil-fired warm air furnace represents a shift forward in oil heating technology. High Efficiency, Fuel savings, Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Remarkable Comfort.

The Paradigm’s condensing technology delivers a leap forward in efficiency. Capable of efficiencies up to 97%, the Paradigm is significantly more efficient than most ENERGY STAR qualified oil-fired furnaces. Higher efficiency means reduced fuel consumption and that means lower fuel bills for you, year after year.

In addition to lower fuel costs, the Paradigm yields big electrical savings. The Paradigm is equipped with an electronically commutating motor (ECM) which substantially reduces furnace fan electricity usage. These savings multiply if you use your furnace as part of an central air conditioning system.

The Paradigm is designed to seamlessly integrate with other heating/cooling appliances such as heat pumps, wood and electric-fired furnaces.

Kerr Paradigm

Kerr Calisto Oil Fired Cast Iron Boiler

Boilers and hydronic (hot water) heating systems are more popular in Europe than in North America. Europeans have been dealing with high energy costs for longer than we have. They have led in technologies for more energy efficient heating.

Hot water heating delivered through in-floor tubing or radiators provide a more even heat than a forced air system. Comfort levels can be achieved in the winter at a lower temperature setting on the thermostat.

Kerr’s Calsito boiler was designed following European technologies. This energy efficient boiler can be direct vented or chimney vented. The boiler can reach 88.6% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).

Following European design, the boiler features low water content and a triple pass design. It’s an ideal choice for rural customers currently using heating oil. The boiler can also be adapted to propane & natural gas applications.

Kerr offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product. This is a quality piece of equipment built to outlast most heating equipment on the market today.

The Hayter Group’s certified technicians perform oil burner inspections and certifications. We also are a dealer for Roth double-walled oil tanks.

Kerr Calisto Oil Boiler

Scotsman Wood Furnace

The large 13” cast door and firebox allows for easy stoking of logs up to 30”. The SCOTSMAN ADD-ON is the same as the SCOTSMAN without the blower and is designed specifically for side-by-side installation with an oil system.

Looking for a wood furnace, with an oil backup? The professionals at The Hayter Group are ready to design a home comfort system to meets your needs in either urban or rural homes.


Scotsman Wood Furnace

Kerr Highlander Wood Fired Boiler

The Highlander Wood Boiler from Kerr can be combined with an in-floor heating system or radiators to heat your building with hot water. The Highlander can also be used to provide domestic hot water. Wood Boilers can be used as a stand alone heat system or can be combined with other heating systems.

If you are building a new workshop or drive shed, it’s the ideal time to install plastic tubing when you pour the floor. In-floor heat in a workshop is far more comfortable and efficient than ceiling mounted furnaces.

The Kerr Highlander lets you take advantage of your wood lot to provide some or all of your workshop heat. This versatile boiler can also be used to heat your home.

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Kerr Highlander Wood Fired Boiler