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Air conditioning has become a part of almost every Canadian home for the last 10 years. In order to effectively cool a home or business an air conditioner will work in conjunction with your fan motor to remove the hot moist air from the home. The hot air from the home enters through your return ducts and condenses over the a-coil located at the top of your furnace. The refrigerant running through the a-coil absorbs the heat from the air and your condenser (located outside) works to blow the warm air away from the home.  After this process is finished the air forced back into the supply duct-work system will be cool and fresh.

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Ductless Splits

Homes heated with hot water radiators, electric baseboards or radiant floor systems often do not have duct-work. To cool these spaces, a ductless split is often the answer. This units deliver the cooling from the ceiling, which is ideal, because cool air drops.

Two story homes with a forced air system installed can also utilize a ductless split. Often the system cannot maintain comfortable temperatures on the second floor. Even if your system can cool the upstairs, the rest of the house ends up too cold. A ductless split is a perfect compliment to your forced air system. It will keep your second floor comfortable and significantly lessen the load on your central air system. In the winter, ductless splits can also have a heat pump feature, where the cycle is reversed and heat is pulled from the outdoor air. This will reduce your fuel costs in the winter time.

The Hayter Group offers full sales and service on the Mitsubishi Electric “Mr Slim” line of heat pumps.

You can also visit our Heat Pump page and learn more about super efficient systems that can heat and cool your entire home.

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Did You Know that a Geothermal System can also Cool Your Home?

One of the benefits of a geothermal system is that it can also cool your home at a very economical cost. If you are not familiar with how a geothermal system works, please visit our geothermal page for a complete explanation.

The Hayter Group installs and services the industry leading WaterFurnace geothermal systems. We are one of the largest geothermal installers in Canada. The Hayter Group has been servicing South-Western Ontario since 1952.

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