Heat Pump Rebate

Heat Pump - up to $4,500 back

Enbridge Clean Home Heating Initiative

Enbridge Gas customers who are homeowners in any of eight eligible municipalities will be able to get up to $4,500 towards installing an electric heat pump.

An electric heat pump with smart controls is paired with a natural gas furnace to make a hybrid heating system. The system switches between hydro and gas to heat and cool your home as efficiently as possible. Your home will be cooled efficiently by the heat pump during the summer and will keep you warm during winter months.

*Limited spaces are available. The Hayter Group is one of the participating contractors. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible for this exciting program.


The Clean Home Heating Initiative is a collaboration between Enbridge Gas and the Government of Ontario. Funds are provided by the Government of Ontario.

Heating accounts for more than 60 percent of the energy use in the average Canadian home. A hybrid heating system with smart controls switches between electricity and natural gas to heat and cool more efficiently.

How Does Hybrid Heating Work?

Hybrid Heating Diagram

Hybrid heating uses two systems to heat as efficiently as possible. An electric air-source heat pump will heat the home when temperatures are moderate and electricity rates are low. When temperatures are cooler, or at times when electricity rates are at their peak, the system automatically switches to the natural gas furnace. The home will also be cooled efficiently by the heat pump in the summer months.

Am I Eligible?

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