Symphony by WaterFurnace

Symphony lets you know and control  your comfort system in real time. Your system is managed from any web based device, phone, tablet or computer.

Since it is cloud based there is no software to install and you have control over your entire geothermal system.

Features Include:

  • Energy Monitoring – monitor your system in the moment, daily, weekly or monthly
  • You can Relax – the Symphony system can provide equipment alerts, service reminders and important notifications to yourself and your contractor. In addition, your service rep can log into your system remotely to identify any problems you may be having.
  • Aurora WebLink – This direct link to WaterFurnace provides access for you and your service rep to a  more thorough system analysis.
  • IntelliZone2 – You are able to precisely control the temperatures in as many as 6 different areas. Do you want the man cave to be cooler? No problem!
Advanced Zoning System, Ther Hayter Group

Advanced Zoning System, Ther Hayter Group

Symphony Customer Interface, The Hayter Group

Symphony Customer Interface, The Hayter Group

The IntelliZone2 works in conjunction with the Aurora system that controls your WaterFurnace geothermal system.

This “marriage” provides you with the ability to accurately control the temperature in up to 6 different zones or rooms.

This precision temperature control gives the ultimate comfort while reducing your heating costs.

Symphony can also be set up to provide complete monitoring of a second home. You can adjust your temperatures so the cottage is ready for your arrival!

Other options available with your Symphony system are water/sump alarm, internet enabled thermostat and invisible thermostats.