Free UV Light

The Hayter Group will be installing a UV light, free of charge in every new furnace + air install we do until the end of May.

UV lights improve indoor air quality by neutralizing airborne pathogens including bacteria, viruses and mold.

UV lights are low maintenance. Warning lights let you know that the system is operating properly. UV Bulbs last for two years before they need to be replaced.

  • also applies to Oil Furnace + AC installations
  • also applies to Geothermal installations
  • until May 31, 2020
Allergies and long-term health can all be affected negatively by the quality of the air inside your home. The air inside your home can be up to 10 times worse than the outside air. It is difficult for our immune system to keep up with all the particles, germs and gases that are locked inside energy-efficient homes. Click to learn more about PureAiRx.