Free GeoTank

Purchase a geothermal system from The Hayter Group and we'll include free hot water assist and a free hot water tank. †

A geothermal system will heat and cool your home using the earth's energy. With the optional hot water assist and hot water holding tank, your geothermal system can provide up to 60% of your domestic hot water.

WaterFurnace GeoTank Installation Drawing

Hot Water Assist

With an optional hot water assist, your geothermal furnace preheats your water and delivers it to a holding tank. A sophisticated controller monitors heat pump conditions and determines when there is extra heat available to send to the hot water heater. This system can reduce your hot water energy costs by up to 60%.

† on new geothermal systems with Hayter Group installed earth loop, program expires November 30, 2018.

WaterFurnace Hot Water Assist

Your Geothermal System Pays for Itself Faster

With hot water assist, the energy savings on your new geothermal heat pump will pile up faster. This shortens the time period that your geothermal investment will pay for itself.

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