EcoBee WiFi Thermostat Special

EcoBee WiFi Thermostat Special

The Hayter Group will install an EcoBee 3 Lite WiFi Thermostat in your home for only $390.00* and there is no additional charge for a service call. Regular pricing is $490 + $79 Service Call.

Even if you just want a simple thermostat to control your system and not use your smart phone this is the way to go. If you are away for the day or on a long trip you can be rest assured you won't come home to frozen pipes or a super humid home. With this stat you are now in full control.

EcoBee Thermostats have features that you will love:

  • Control your home's temperature from your smart phone
  • The system uses the local weather forecast to optimize your heating and cooling settings
  • You are notified of a problem, no matter where you are
  • This stat is recommended for Geothermal Systems
  • 5 Year Warranty

Have your wifi thermostat installed by the experts at the Hayter Group. We'll get it up and running and show you how to use it.

* hurry, This is a limited buy, special pricing is limited to the first 150 customers.

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