California Making Solar Panels Mandatory

Solar Panels to be Mandatory in California

Solar Panels to be Mandatory in California

California is making solar panels mandatory on all new homes and low-rise apartment buildings by 2020. Exceptions include homes that are frequently in shade. This is the first time a state has initiated such a requirement. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by cutting energy use in new homes by over 50%. At the same time other changes are being made to the building codes to facilitate better performance in energy efficiency.

The state has been moving towards such legislation for years. In 2013 all new homes were required to be solar ready, with sufficient roofing surfaces to support a solar array. Even with the mandated installations, most homes would still need to draw some power from the grid.

While these regulations only apply to new construction, many Californian homeowners are installing rooftop solar systems. Financial aid in the form of rebate programs, such as the California Solar Initiative make this an attractive undertaking.

With a population, larger than Canada, of nearly 40 million, California is a nationwide leader in clean energy. The state is moving towards more electric cars and restricting emissions from residential and commercial buildings.

The construction, utility and solar industries all contributed to formulating the new standards. Presently over 5 million homes in California use solar power. The state wants to reach a point where all  residential buildings are “zero net energy.” This means they produce as much energy as they consume. Despite an increasing population in California, greenhouse gas emissions are declining.

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