Assessing Your Commercial Building for EVSE Installation

Commercial Building - EV Charging Installation
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What You Need to Know

As electric vehicles become more popular, many businesses are considering installing EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) at their commercial buildings to cater to EV-driving customers and employees. However, before installing an EVSE, it’s important to assess your building to ensure that it’s a good fit for the installation. Here’s what you need to know about the assessment process for an EVSE installation at a commercial building:

The first step in the assessment process is to conduct a site survey of your building. This involves assessing your building’s electrical infrastructure, parking lot layout, and other factors that can affect the installation. The survey will help determine the most suitable location for the EVSE installation and identify any potential challenges that may need to be addressed.

The next step is to determine the electrical capacity of your building. This involves assessing the electrical load of your building and ensuring that it can handle the additional load of the EVSE installation. You may need to upgrade your building’s electrical system or service panel to accommodate the EVSE installation, which can add to the cost of the installation.

Another factor to consider is the number and type of EVSE that you want to install. Will you be installing Level 1 or Level 2 chargers, and how many? This will impact the electrical capacity required for the installation and the overall cost.

The parking lot layout is also an important consideration when assessing your building for an EVSE installation. You’ll need to ensure that there is adequate space for the EVSE and that the parking spaces are located in close proximity to the EVSE. This will make it easier for EV drivers to access the chargers and minimize the risk of parking conflicts.

Commercial EV Charging Stations
Commercial EV Charging Stations

Finally, it’s important to review local regulations and incentives that may impact the installation process. Some municipalities require permits or approvals for EVSE installations, while others offer incentives or rebates for businesses that install EVSE.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your commercial building is a good fit for an EVSE installation and that the installation process goes smoothly. The Hayter Group employs licensed electricians who are experienced in EVSE installations. Working with an experienced contractor helps ensure that your installation meets safety standards and is completed efficiently.

EV Charging Stations installed by Licensed Electricians
EV Charging Installations - The Hayter Group is now part of Aecon Green Energy Solutions