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Solar Energy Saves Water

Little Known Solar Energy Facts Did you know that up to 40% of all fresh water withdrawl in the United States is used producing electricity? Nuclear Energy and Coal Power Plants are the biggest water users. Natural Gas Power Plants also use large amounts of water. Solar and Wind Energy projects use virtually no fresh… Read more »

Latest Blog – Backup Generators

What is a Backup Generator? Chad explains backup generators. These are standard equipment on many new homes. They are also a viable choice for existing homes (urban or rural). To read the blog, click here.

Customer Reviews

We are always pleased to share the great testimonials and reviews we have received from our customers. We’ve got several reviews on a website called HomeStars. To read even more testimonials, please click here. HomeStars is a newer site that many people use to check out contractors before inviting them into their home or business.

Solar Job – Norfolk County

This is a photo of a recently completed solar installation in Norfolk County. You can find out more about this job and see more photos by clicking here.

New Address in Cambridge

Update Your Records! 1600 Industrial Road, Unit A3 Cambridge, ON N3H 4W5 This is effective immediately. We are excited about the new location. It will enhance our ability to serve our customers better in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge area. We’ll post some photos and more details once we are settled in.

Latest Blog: Ductless Splits

What is a Ductless Split? Chad explains ductless splits. They are becoming more and more popular in our market. Click here to read our blog.

Geothermal Installation Cambridge, Ontario

These photos show a geothermal installation by The Hayter Group in Cambridge, Ontario. The loops are small-diameter, high-density polyethylene pipes that are installed 5 feet down. Heat is transferred to or from the structure, to provide year-round comfort. This property was large enough to accommodate a trench for a horizontal loop system. For homes with… Read more »

Solar Panel Installation, Paris, Ontario

We installed 33 black Hanwha solar panels at this home in Paris, Ontario. The system also features SolarEdge optimizers and inverters. The black panels worked better with the home’s aesthetics. Every Hayter installation is customized to suit the property and the available roof space. Click here to see more Hayter Group solar installations.

Hayter Group Recognized

Grant Blackmore, owner of Eden Energy presents Chad with a plaque recognizing The Hayter Group for 30 years as a WaterFurnace dealer. Eden Energy is the Ontario distributor of WaterFurnace geothermal equipment. The Hayter Group is one of the most experienced geothermal contractors in Ontario.

Geothermal Blog

Is Geothermal a viable option for anybody? Chad discusses some of the misconceptions about geothermal energy in our latest blog. Click here to read our blog.